• Relieves stress and tension in the body/mind/breath

  • Activates the "relaxation response" in the body - bringing balance to the autonomic
    nervous system

  • Gently stimulates and stresses the joints, deep connective tissue and fascia of the low
    back, hips, pelvis, spine and shoulders

  • Frees up fascial restrictions in the body -  elongating, nourishing and stimulating the
    connective tissue (joints, ligaments, tendons)

  • Compliments your active stretching and exercise routine
Michelle Mixell, E-RYT200,
Registered Yoga Teacher
Specializing in Therapeutic Yoga

    Click here for see class schedule or go directly to our registration page.  

    Please contact Michelle directly to confirm a class, schedule an appointment for therapeutic yoga, private group
    or corporate session.

What is Yin Yoga?
  • A system of yoga
    accessible to everyone;
    all abilities and ages - No
    experience necessary!

  • Consists of long steady
    relaxed holds (primarily
    seated floor poses) for 3-
    5 minutes - poses are
    unhurried, quieting and

Is Yin Yoga Effective in Relieving Chronic Low Back Pain?

    The results of our 2010 study say ... YES!  And within a relatively short duration -
    showing significant improvement in just 4 weeks.

    In September 2010, an abstract of Michelle's work (in collaboration with Dr. Troy
    Allam, D.C., Craig Ranch Chiropractic, McKinney, TX), “Randomized Trial of Yin-Yoga
    and Relief of Chronic Low Back Pain,” was accepted and published in the WAIT,
    International Journal of Yoga Therapy, Supplement (2010).

    Michelle presented a poster of their work at the International Association of Yoga
    Therapist’s historic first Symposium on Yoga Research held October1-3, 2010, at the
    Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, PA.  Click here to view research poster.

    The study findings suggest Yin Yoga is a safe and effective treatment for improving
    certain indices of chronic low back pain and for improving lower limb function within a
    relatively short period of time.  
What the

How is a class structured?

    Participants will focus on calming their breath, mind and body

    Breath:  Soft, quiet, gentle and calm
    Mind: Focused on following the breath in and out of the body and on feeling
    sensations created by each pose
    Body: Kept still, calm and relaxed without sudden movement. Postures will be held
    passively with muscles intentionally relaxed, softened and released during the
    sustained holds of up to 3 5 minutes each
    Relaxation: Each session concluded with guided relaxation.

    Postures will move the hips and spine through the full range of motion

    Spine: Flexion, extension, lateral flexion and rotation
    Hips: Flexion, extension, external rotation, internal rotation, abduction and adduction

What are Yin Yoga Poses?
    A series of primarily seated floor poses held for 3-5 minutes with muscles relaxed.
What to
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Dragon Pose - Hip Extension
Welcome to Yin Yoga Works!

Registration for "Healthy Back-Healthy You" Yin Yoga (deep stretch) Classes will
begin again in August 2014 for the Fall Session.  No classes will be held over
summer break.  

Fall classes will be held on Sundays from
4:00pm - 5:15pm at Advanced Corrective
, Lansdowne Town Center, VA. No experience necessary. Yin yoga is very
accessible to all abilities.
 Contact Michelle to place your name on the list for the
Fall Session.  
Individual sessions will be held during summer break - contact Michelle for
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At Yin Yoga Works, we specialize in offering Yin Yoga as therapy for relieving chronic low
back pain, stress and tension -- It is also great for anyone wanting to improve overall
flexibility and range of motion.

Yin Yoga is accessible to all ages and abilities. Best of all, it provides an overall feeling of
relaxation, happiness and wellbeing!  

Why try Yin Yoga?
  • Back pain?
  • Chronic stress or pain?
  • A runner, cyclist, golfer or other athlete?
  • Looking to increase flexibility and range of motion?
  • Just want to feel good?
Yin Yoga Works

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